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A Leading Mental Health Professional now available in Central Glasgow

Located in Glasgow, Mike has been a Mental Health Professional for 45 yrs, until he recently retired his Registration, as a Registered Nurse and for the last 25 yrs as a Specialist Counsellor.

In 2004 he helped introduce Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy to the UK as part of a residential addiction treatment program. Since then he has become a leading authority in the subject and has developed treatment modalities and training courses for practitioners, both as a Director of LEAP and more recently as a Director of Equi-Scotia CIC.

For the past 3 yrs, he has also been Clinical Director and has co-crafted the Stop.Start.Grow Treatment Model at Delamere Health, the UK's first, purpose-built, addiction and behavioural wellness clinic in Cheshire.

Mike has recently signed two publishing deals. His autobiography will be available to buy later this year and he has also just completed his first novel which is a powerful story, drawn from his extensive experience in the field of mental health. 

New clients can easily get in touch with him through the contact or booking form to discuss your needs and if Mike is the "right-fit" for you.

New Modes of Treatment

Mike is renowned for his impartial and consultative approach – because he's always looking to innovate ways to deliver the best possible service to clients. His priority is getting your mental health back on track. 

To that end, he has a few specialist and forward thinking ways to work with you. For several years he has worked with somatic methods of managing trauma and has just become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional after training with Janina Fisher, supported by Bessel van der Kolk. He is passionate about trauma informed therapies and led the way in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy when working with complex PTSD

New Glasgow Offices

Mike's New Glasgow Practice is directly opposite Central Station and has been refurbished to a very high standard of comfort and privacy.

Mikes presence right in the heart of Glasgow means that clients can travel from virtually anywhere in Scotland very quickly should they wish face to face sessions. 

Central Chambers is an iconic building, hosting a myriad of small businesses over 4 floors. Mikes Practice is on the 3rd floor and should be entered on Hope Street, next to Cafe Nero.

Along with Dr Claire Macauley, he has created a safe space in the centre of Glasgow, where you can engage in safe and effective treatments.

Radio Show

Mike will have a weekly slot, Mental Wellness with Mike Delaney, on Ignite with Anne Hughes Radio Show. If you would like to start a conversation, [email protected] 

Link to follow.

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Equi-Scotia Courses

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I was frightened of horses, and within a short space of time, thanks to Mike, my fear evaporated and I was working closely with loose horses. Unbelievable!

JB London

I arrived a quivering frightened wreck and Mike didn't flinch. He worked at my pace and helped me to see what I had to do to get well.

P C London

Mike has informal, calm energy that immediately puts you at ease. I always felt absolutely safe in our sessions


Delamere Health

Delamere. The Birth of a New and Innovative Treatment Model

Mike has been Clinical Director of Delamere Health since it was founded by Martin Preston in 2018. It is the UK's first, purpose-built, Addiction and Behavioural Health Clinic, based in Cheshire.

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